Bonsai Autumn Colors

Today I visited the Pacific Bonsai Museum, located in Federal Way, Washington. It is my first time visiting during the autumn season, when the leaves are at their peak color. Needless to say, I was very impressed! So many of the bonsai exhibits have colorful foliage right now. I highly recommend a visit. To learn more about the open-air museum, visit their website I have linked above. If you have the time, watch the short video on the site.  It has some fantastic drone photography of the museum and surrounding area. To whet your appetite, below are a few photos that may inspire you to visit the museum.


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Colors of the Season

As we get deeper in October, the seasonal colors are deepening as well. I would say that my area’s autumn colors are at their peak. We’ve had a few days of above average temps and sunny weather, and today I took advantage of the situation and paid another visit to the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden, located in Federal Way, WA. I paid a lot of attention to detail along my nature walk in the garden. There’s so many colors to see with each step at this time of year. So with that being said, here are images I captured of lots of plant species in various stages of their autumn display.





All images property of Peggy A Thompson

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Autumn Impressions

Autumn is the time of year that I like to wander around gardens, parks, and nature trails to “paint” with my camera. I love to capture nature as it is changing from one season to another, specifically summer to autumn. I don’t necessarily look for startling colors, but more so in textures and variations in color that depict the change in season. Capturing leaves in various stages of decay is beautiful to the eye, if presented properly.

Today I returned to a favorite place of mine—the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden, located in Federal Way, Washington. It is an outdoor garden located on acres of a natural wooded area of native Pacific Northwest foliage. It is bursting with color during the spring months. But the fall season offers up its own display of color, albeit a bit more subdued in fanciness. One needs to seek out the jewels of the season and pay close attention to detail. Walk slowly through this garden, paying attention to everything around you, both above and below, and you will find many jewels of nature.



All images property of Peggy A Thompson



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Purple, the New Autumn Color!

Colchicum autumnale

Well, not exactly new! But in my area of the world, these lovely, purple flowers are commonly grown in local gardens. They are the Autumn Crocus, also called Meadow Saffron and Naked Lady. The Latin name is Colchicum autumnale. They start to bloom in September and do not last too long. Their long and delicate, translucent green stems bend down to the ground as the flowers begins to wilt. They grow in patches, with many blooms. They are really beautiful, with the blooms being a delicate, pinkish purple color. When photographing them in direct sunlight, the pink comes through predominantly. In the shade, the color will show more towards the purple end of the spectrum.

All images property of Peggy A Thompson


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Autumn Splendor in the Mountains

Wow! I can’t believe how fast time flies! It’s already October! Where did September go? Seems like Old Man Winter is getting a head start on us, here in the Pacific Northwest. The snow has already been flying in the higher elevations, with more expected this weekend. We lucked out and had some very nice weather the past several days, with temperatures lurking near 70 degrees. I took advantage of this time to visit Mount Rainier National Park to experience her autumn splendor. The colors are at their peak now. The Vine Maples and Huckleberry leaves have turned brilliant shades of red, orange, burgundy, and magenta. Along the steep escarpments, one can view patches of reds and oranges.

Perhaps the most colorful patch is at the base of Paradise Meadows, where the Huckleberry leaves have turned a magnificent magenta.

Below, bright, red clusters of Sitka Mountain Ash berries hang from branches, adding stunning contrast.

Below is a view of the mountain from across Paradise Valley.

Fiery maple leaves give lovely contrast to the white mountain as seen from the Longmire visitor area.

Every autumn, I make this trip to the national park to view the stunning colors. I’m never disappointed.


All images property of Peggy A Thompson


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